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It worked for 60,000 years for Aboriginal people and it still works in the twenty first century for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.
We believe the success of Young Doctors is because..
Elders are honoured
Young Doctors learn the Old Ways and New Ways
Projects are grass roots - bottom up
Local people create and deliver the program
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal young people come together
Projects teach health and develop leadership locally
The whole community benefits
When we measured the results we found that..
School attendance usually rises to 87-98% (Excluding Sorry Business)
100% of Young Doctors reported thinking about working in a job after completing school
98% reported feeling happy to come to school since becoming Young Doctors
100% reported they are happy to see a doctor since participating in Young Doctors
100% reported sharing their new learning with other children and families
100% reported knowing more about Aboriginal culture
100% of parents reported that their child’s school was more supportive since they offered Young Doctors
99% were able to identify 1-3 people within their community to ask about healing (they mentioned Elders, parents, health professionals and teachers)
3 in 5 highlighted that they most enjoyed learning from Elders and Aboriginal community leaders
A Parent's comment
“My child grew in confidence since doing Young Doctors. She is now fascinated with cures and medicines. She has more of an appreciation, respect and understanding of her heritage and of Aboriginal culture.
I saw a significant difference in my child’s empathy and compassion and now she says she wants to be a doctor”